Benefits of Having Multi-Platform Mobile Apps for Business

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In this blog post we will be throwing lights on why it is important to have multi-platform mobile apps for business, and how it helps target users on both iOS and Android platforms.

The credit goes to iOS and Android platforms for the innovation in mobile domain and making smartphone much more than just a communication device. As the time is changing, these platforms are becoming feature-rich, causing millions of desktop and laptop users to prefer smartphones for executing multiple tasks like booking tickets online, watching movies, playing games and many more.

Smartphones became the preferred device because of the great user experience while performing tasks through mobile apps. And growing inclination of people towards smartphone propelled the demand of mobile apps for businesses in every vertical. So, launching a mobile app for your business with a proper strategy and its presence on multi-platform can be a boon for your business growth. Here’s how?

Wider Reach

Needless to describe, why multi-platform mobile apps for business helps you enjoy a wider reach among your target audience. The answer is quite simple! The more platforms your app covers, the more visitors you will be able to target. By having your mobile app available on both platforms, you will be able to target users having iOS and Android devices.

Cater Every Segment

Android and iOS devices are used by people from different backgrounds, ages, occupations, locations, etc. So, if your business eyes on a diverse market to cater audience in every segment, then having your app presence on both platforms can be really beneficial. You can target the masses as well as the specifics.

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Easy Marketing

App marketing becomes quite easier with multi-platform mobile apps for business. If your focus is to cover a wide user-group, you don’t need to create a unique platform specific message to target users. Rather than you can create a general marketing message for your target audience to promote your app using different channels.

Lesser Development Time & Cost

Another major benefit of having a multi-platform app is that it requires lesser development time. The reason is, developers get a flexibility to maintain same functionality for all platforms by writing code once, though they need to do bit of rework on coding. Still, when done by professional apps developer companies, lesser development time for both platforms reduces the overall app development cost.


Hopefully, now you have some good reasons that why it is important for every business to have multi-platform mobile app developed. Get the right app idea matching your business needs and have it developed for both platforms.

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