Why your App or Game Should Have Multi-Platform Presence!

With the advent of smartphones, Android, Symbion, iOS, Windows and other platforms have become famous in today’s market. All these platforms have made the mobile phones smarter and transformed them into smartphones. As the time is changing, these platforms are becoming feature-rich that cause millions of desktop and laptop users switching to smartphone for executing various computing tasks on the go, like booking tickets online, watching movies,playing games and many more. Undoubtedly, it can be said that app development industry is booming. It’s great, if a company launches its mobile app in today’s market with multiple platforms presence.

 As we all know that deploying the app like game app or the business app for cross platforms is costly, but the revenue generation is more. Besides increasing revenue, the multi-platform based app can enhance the business exposure all around the world. If you don’t believe, just explore the below given data:

Image source : http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Android-Rules-UK-Smartphone-Sales/1010903

According to the estimation, Google based Android platform holds the market share of around 48% to 52%.
As per the resources the total value of iOS and Window market share is between 30% to 38%
The population of the smartphone user will increase to 55%.
It is believed that the cost of powerful platforms based smartphone will decrease in near future.
More and more industries are investing a lot in manufacturing the smartphones that will work on the famous platforms.

According to the above information, the total value of market share of Window, Android and iOS platform is more than 90%. Secondly, as the smartphone becomes cheaper, it will be easier for any of the user to own smartphone of their desirable platform. Therefore, every company, which is thinking about launching an app, should invest in developing the app that can work on more than one platforms as this will increase their revenue, boost the exposure and help in marketing as well as promotion.

Hopefully, now you know the reason that why it is important for everyone to develop the mobile or business app that can work on multiple platforms. If you want to share idea or opinion regarding this blog, then please write at the comment section given below.

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