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BTU Calculator - Bestheating

BTU Calculator is an energy efficient solution for room heating and helps user save lots of money.The mobile app allows users to calculate the required BTU (British Thermal Units) to heat their room and wattage to get the effective solutions.
BTU Calculator - Bestheating fact

About Hotel Mate

BTU Calculator allows users to get an effective solution to make their living room warm and focus on energy efficiency at the same time. The mobile app lets user find an effective heating system for their home by answering a few questions and effective measurements, resulting in reducing their energy bills.

Features of BTU Calculator

Btu Calculator Bestheating Utility App

Easy Access Results

BTU Calculator app allows user to maintain record of the required BTU calculations, which can be accessed for future use.

Btu Calculator Bestheating Utility App

Streamlined and Accurate

The app is featured with a powerful BTU calculating algorithm and gives user accurate metrics based on several heating factors.

Btu Calculator Bestheating Utility App

Imperial or Metrics

The app is designed to offer BTU unit calculation in either imperial or metrics, whichever suit user most.

Btu Calculator Bestheating Utility App

Wattage and BTU Outcomes

BTU Calculator is designed to offer outcome to user in Wattage and BTU consumption.

BTU Calculator - Bestheating feature

BTU Calculator - Bestheating Screens


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