12 Best App Marketing Strategies for Downloads & Retention in 2019

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In this blog post, we have discussed about the 12 best mobile app marketing strategies for downloads & retention’s in 2019.

According to Statista, Play Store houses total 2.1 million apps whereas Apple Store accommodates approximately 2 million apps, to cater app lovers. In other words, when users access these stores, they get millions of apps to choose from and download their favorite apps. This reflects how the competition is growing day by day.

So, it’s really important to have the best app marketing strategies, to help you maintain its successful presence and enjoy maximum user engagement, no matter how tough the competition is. The right app marketing strategy not only improves customer engagement, but also helps you retain your past customers. We’re going to present here the best app marketing strategies in 2019, which will increase both downloads and customer retention. Take a look.


Leverage Power of Paid ADs

Being one the best app marketing strategies, paid ads will remain in focus among app marketers in 2019. These yield instant and the desired results in less time. It in fact gives a better return of your investment made in running the ad campaign. Some popular paid advertisement platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Apple and others let you avail numerous benefits like right positioning of your products, brand awareness, increasing users’ curiosity, and lots more.

In other words, it in fact gives you a kind of surety that your apps will be visible among your target users and thus will witness maximum download rates.

Write Guest Post

Writing guest post is in a common practice for app promotion will be in major focus among app marketing strategists in 2019. It indeed works effectively in propelling download rates of your apps. All you need to do is to target those sites that address the concern of majority of those whom you think could be your target audience.You can create a list of some of these popular sites and start writing blogs for them.

Worth mentioning here, your guest post should not be a sales copy, though its sole purpose is to increase users and downloads of your app. Your post should be informative, interesting and based of tips and guides.

Never make your blog stuffed with unnecessary or too many links. Use author-bio section for promotional activity and encourage users to download your apps by using links such as Download Apps Here or Download Our Mobile App to Access its Cutting-Edge Features.

This will definitely let you see a major boost in your app downloads.

Social Media Marketing

The most interesting fact about social media is that it is free yet highly effective and result-oriented marketing platform. To reap most out of social media marketing, you need to first increase your followers and let them hear interesting words about your products, through your regular posts. It will enhance your credibility, apart from increasing follower engagement.

You can boost your marketing efforts by putting engaging tweets, interesting content, screenshots of your apps, videos and etc. These have a direct impact on your followers and can also drive them to boost downloads.


According to source, 65% of mobile apps are directly searched and downloaded on the App Store. No matter how much efforts you put in your app marketing, your efforts will not be successful unless you have a strong strategy for ASO (App Store Optimization). In fact, you should be highly focused towards ASO with result-driven and the best app marketing strategies. Here are some key factors that play a crucial role in making your ASO successful and thus increase download of your apps. A mobile development company accomplishes these things in better way, while promoting apps.

  • App Title
  • App Description
  • App Keywords
  • App Icons
  • App Screenshots
  • App Preview Videos

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Encourage Users to Write App Reviews

Of course, your first target should to increase user base of your app. But, you should be able to give users a genuine reason to download your apps. Here, user reviews play a vital role. Majority of users prefer to go through reviews and rankings before downloading the apps. So, it will work effectively in increasing download rates of your apps.

So, it’s crucial to prompt those users who already used your apps, to share their experience among others by writing reviews. Apart from getting reviews in app stores, you should also submit your app video on YouTube and other sites to get reviews.

Create Referral Program

Creating a referral program is considered to be a major app marketing strategy and will gain more space in app promotion in 2019. It helps you establishing a good relationship with your existing users, though its main intention is to increase them to refer app to those whom they know. This increases your app’s download rates tremendously.

In this program, your existing users in fact work as a marketer for your products and encourage their friends, colleagues and others to download your app. In returns, you can let them avail earn rewards, points, etc. For instance, if you have a taxi booking app, you can let your users get a free ride.


Influencer marketing is getting popularity with a fast pace, in today’s time for yielding the desired results. But, you need to spend enough time to choose right influencers who can influence your target users to a wider extent. When they speak about your brand, they will increase its popularity among their followers. In fact, their every word about your app inspires their followers and thus prompts them (followers) to give your app a try.


Though search engine optimization is used for website promotion, you can use this technique to promote and increase users for certain specific apps like PWA (Progressive Web Apps). Apart from this, having a website for your app increases your credibility and of course visibility of your application. Users can find screen shots, videos, reviews, link to app store, etc., about your app. This encourages users to download your app.

So, having a right SEO strategy for your PWA and website, for others apps, not only increases visibility, but also improves the download rates of your app.


Push Notification

According to source, push notification can increase app retention rate up to 65%.

Push notification is one of the most popular features of an app that makes it more user-centered. It is the best way to increase user engagement by sending them personalized notifications, based on their interest, preference, needs, etc. The feature also works efficiently in increasing customer retention.

Messenger and SMS Marketing

Messenger and SMS marketing are gaining a wide space among app marketers for having potentials or delivering top-notch outcomes. In order to bring attention of your past customers, you can send messages directly to your users’ message Inbox. You can also use messenger to message your customers on Facebook.

Value-Added Content

As the name suggests, value-added content is written with a sole purpose to provide some values to users. You should provide useful and meaningful content based on tips, tricks, etc., related to your app. This should be able to provide specific information regarding your app and also clear off their all doubts. In other words, your main attention should be to let your users find other reasons to use your app.

Incentive Programs

The incentive program is something that serves a mutual interest of both brand and users. This not only helps you in bringing back your past customers, but also creating a good relation between them. Needless to mention, the main motto of your incentive program should be to convince users to return and use your app again and also what benefits they will get. You can provide some special offers, coupons, exclusive services to customers to make your strategy successful.

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