November 2020

Difference Between Native and Hybrid App - AppsChopper

The Major Differences Between Native and Hybrid App Development [For Startups]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you debating between a native app and a hybrid app for your business? Then consider this post required reading! Today we’ll talk about the native vs hybrid approaches and the primary benefits of each. Mobile apps have come to play a huge role in modern business, especially startups. Mobile apps have become a mainstay

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Apple one more thing event

Here’s Everything Apple Announced at “One More Thing” Event 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apple’s “One More Thing” event 2020 provided some exciting tech splashes, including the M1 processor, new MacBook Pro, new MacBook Air, and the new Mac mini launch. This post highlights all the major unveilings that occurred during the Apple event. Apple needs no introduction. Its name alone is synonymous with industry-leading technology, innovation, and leadership.

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Apple Event History - AppsChopper

History of Apple Events Since Its Inception: Popular Key Moments

Reading Time: 8 minutes Apple’s events are memorably flavored by the sensory experience they deliver to its audience. This blog will take you through the history of all the major Apple events, some key moments, and how their approach has developed over the years. When Apple launches a new product or hosts an event, they generate a massive buzz.

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Mobile App Design - AppsChopper

Planning and Wireframing Mobile App Design: A Step-By-Step Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes Even for the most ambitious among us, building an app is best left to the professionals. Designing an app, however, is something anyone can do with a little bit of guidance. This blog will walk you through a step-by-step guide to planning and wireframing a mobile app designed to draw the right kind of attention.

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Mobile App Development Frameworks - AppsChopper

The 7 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks for Startups [Updated]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Your choice of app development framework can make or break your startup. No pressure. To help ease the stress of making that decision, this blog will discuss some of the popular mobile app development frameworks so you can make the right decision for your startup! We’ve all spent countless hours scrolling and tapping through apps

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App Store Optimization

The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization

Reading Time: 4 minutes Launching an app is the most important step in introducing your app to the public, but it takes a lot more to make it visible and popular amongst target users. Want to show your app to the world, improve its visibility, and increase conversion rates? It’s time you focus on ASO (App Store Optimization). Read

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