Justifying Android’s Preference over iOS

For those, who are aspiring to get a small part of the internet, residing in the pockets of endless Smartphone users, Android application development is an imperative step. But, before you start writing the code, there is an equally important aspect, which must be considered: ‘Which platform to choose for developing apps’. However, the answer to this question seems to be fairly obvious for those who frequently use this specific online destination. Then, why do most of the developers opt for Android! The decision to choose one operating system over another depends on more than just your own will.

Android vs iOS

While the popular mobile platforms are moving up with leaps and bounds with the latest operating system versions for iOS and Android been released recently. Still, the development community is divided on the dilemma that which mobile platform is better for apps development and both the sides are armed with solid points supporting their preferences. Though there are certain reasons to consider iOS, even the Android does not lag behind in this race. Android application development is a great option for the developers who want to get established with a good career quickly.

Here are the reasons that justify preference of Android over iOS.

Swiftly Growing Android Market:

Undoubtedly, Apple brings higher returns to the developers currently, but the overall market size has shifted in the favor of Android with around 52% mobile users (who own a Google account) in the US as compared to the Apple users (37%). (source:comscore.com/Insights/)

Unbalanced Global Distribution:

While both the rivals are battling each other almost to a standstill in the popular western markets, but there are a few parts or countries where Android earns high majority. Even, these are not irrelevant countries. For example: In the huge market like China, over 90% smart phones are based on Android platform. (source: thenextweb.com)

Learning Curve:

According to the experienced programmers, who tried to learn both of these platforms right from the scratch, it takes significantly less time to get abreast of Android. Certainly, this problem can be resolved with practice, but still the newbies have a short route with Android for their first sale.

Open-source Environment:

Developers and users both crave for freedom and they do appreciate the Android’s flexibility. In contrast to Apples’s strict rules or guidelines that limit what your application can do, Android allows your applications to publish the data, which can be further used by different applications for distinct purposes.

Android is compatible with various mobile devices that are produced by different manufacturers. This opens the doors for various unique applications. Android app developers can leverage the modern hardware features of the top selling smart phones. Thus, Android application development is surely a profitable choice for both developers and business owners.

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