Are your Apps Android L Compatible? Get your Android L Apps Developed from AppsChopper

Google’s latest OS Android L (Android 5.0) will be released soon. Undoubtedly, just like earlier version, this latest Android OS will definitely rule the market with its amazing features. This operating system has been engineered with unprecedented facets that enhance the phones’ performance and give a better user-experience.

Why Android 5.0 Is Better ?

Android 5.0 has come up with major changes as compared to other versions. It has been developed to solve the problems that most of Android based smartphones’ users are facing.

Let’s Have A Glimpse Over The Features:

Optimize Efficiency:

Most of the users face the issue regarding battery’s life.   This operating system saves 40% of the energy consumption, which improves the efficiency of the smartphone.

Amazing User Interface:

The material design (the Latest Google design’s standard) makes the application interface dynamic that gives natural view and consistent experience.

Simplify Controlling Notification:

Users will have the complete control over the notification. They can customize the appearance of notification, like where it should be displayed, what details should be visible through the notification and how the notification sync to non-handled devices.

Support Android Run Time:

The Android Run Time (ART) improves development process of Android L application. It comes with a “Ahead Of Time Compilation”, “Garbage Collection”, Advanced Debugging Functionality and many more features that enhance the performance of application.

Compelling Multimedia:

This Android L OS provides fine-grain image capture format and full control over processing of image. User can also change shutter speed, white balance, exposure and many more. The floating point format for audio data maintains consistency.

Moreover, the Android L OS supports 64 bit architecture that boost the performance of apps.

With all the above features, it is proved that Android L OS is the best platform that can fulfill today’s smartphone’s users’ requirements. Therefore, to sustain successfully in the digital world, it is very imperative to deploy Android L compatible apps. For this, you should hire AppsChopper, a leading mobile application development company.

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