App of the Week: Paint by Number

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Are you anxiously searching for the best way of getting rid of your day-to-day stress? Well, you have a reason to cheer up! Simply get indulged yourself with Paint by Number, a popular puzzle coloring game app, and relieve your stress. The app lets you give a complete boost to your creativity. Get myriad of coloring pages and enchanting images, and paint them to make them more invigorating. And share artworks among friends and earn appreciations.

Paint by Number App Features

  • Get thousands of fascinating images to choose from and paint them to release your heavy stress.Paint By Number Screen 1
  • Pictures are updated on regular basis.
  • Coloring images is quite easier, you can do it according to numbers, follow certain special color palettes.
  • Engage with coloring books anywhere or anytime, whether you are offline or online.
  • Share your beautiful art and creation on various social media platforms including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and others.
  • Boost your artistic skills with different colors that have an ability to express your mood differently.
  • It is a complete fun package for everyone, improves your concentration and steadiness.
Paint by Number app, as the name describes itself, is simple to use and you don’t need to be expert in painting to enjoy the puzzle coloring game. All you need to do is to follow numbers provided in squares and also color palette, which generally reflects what kind of color does the number correspond to.

Available for both iOS and Android users, Paint by Number app, created by a top mobile apps development company, is free for everyone. Meanwhile, it also comes with certain premium features with in-app purchase option.

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How Paint by Number App Works?

paint by number app - appschopper2

Being the best art drawing game, Paint by Number app lets users experience how easy painting is. It works in several ways.

  • The app stores all images in backend server and displays them in accordance to users’ command.
  • Once users choose a particular image for painting, they can follow numbers and paint image accordingly. After painting, users can save images on server.
  • Users can share saved images on various social media platforms and get feedbacks from their friends.

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