App Store Optimization: Know the Factors Involved for Better Result

More and more people are spending their time over the smartphones to remain connected to the every happening internet world. And thus, there is always a brighter chance for app development companies to get valuable users. To attract the attention of customers towards the services, nothing could serve in a better manner other than developing a related application for the same. Creating the application is not all to remain ahead of the competitors. Registering the app holds the equal importance.

For better visibility of applications in the app store, there are a number of techniques that could be practiced. These app store optimization techniques have the capability to register the success of the application in an easy manner. Promoting your new business through an app is indeed beneficial. All you need to do is work on some of the app store optimization techniques to accomplish the app development task successfully.

A number of factors help in the app store optimization. Here, we are explaining some of the most important ones that are easy to perform and will proffer you with huge benefits.

Factors that help in app store optimization

Work for apps visibility in the app store


Apps are generally searched through Apple app store or Google Play and search. The ranking of an app depends on:

A. The listing of the app store and the relevant search
B. Through App performance

Woking for the visibility of the application in the app store is one of the most important app store optimization techniques. The more the volume of app search, the better is the app visibility in the app store. It is additionally going to boost the ratings and the app will automatically climb the rankings.

Use attractive graphics to show product page

Creating attractive graphics to show product page is very much crucial to attract the related audiences. Believe it or not but a larger percentage of audiences never read the app description but they got driven away by attractive graphics. Hence, working on engaging graphics is one of the app store optimization techniques that is always going to work the best for you.

It has also been seen that a large number of users decide to download the application by just watching the app screenshots. While the app download based on screenshots is going to affect the search result directly, it plays a major role in app store conversions.

Work for better app store optimizing strategy


The fact that app store rewards the applications that have a maximum number of downloads makes it much clear that it is always good to work for better app store optimizing strategies. Moreover, there are a number of other organic ways to boost app ranking and affect the app download outside the Apple store.

Thus, it is suggested to work on foolproof strategies to get better app ranking. Engaging audiences through attractive app interfaces is one of the ways to do the job correctly. Additionally, working on the leads that could offer more downloads is also suggested.

Include social proof to use for app store description

Showing the involvement of potential users as an app marketing medium is going to boost the demand of the application. Showing the results that real people have downloaded, used your application and are actually loving it is always beneficial to create app’s sale and appeal in the app marketing store.

It is also suggested to post the related comments about the app in the Google play or Apple app store. Reviews from real people do work for the promotion of the application among the new users. Hence, try to include some of the real reviews along with the names of the users. It is sure to bring potential users.

One of the best and the most preferred strategies to bring huge online traffic is implementing the prominent and the expert SEO services that in turn give you better indexing of your app on all the search engines.


Working on the app store optimization techniques that have been prescribed here is sure to ensure the success of the application. In addition to all these strategies, try to make an attractive icon for the related app. It will also pay you in the form of increased downloads.

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