10 Ways to Prepare a Foolproof Mobile App Marketing Plan in 2021

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Your app’s success not only depends on the groundbreaking idea but also on the marketing strategy you follow. This blog lists the top ten “tried and tested” ways you should follow to prepare an infallible mobile app marketing plan in 2021.

Recent Statista research shows that there are around 7.1 billion mobile users worldwide. Plus, the number is more likely to increase to 7.41 billion by 2024. This ever-increasing mobile usage is proof that the world is shifting from desktops to smartphones.

Businesses are grabbing every opportunity to ensure their products or services reach potential customers. Consequently, businesses are taking the assistance of reliable apps making company in developing a customer-friendly mobile app.

Despite that, just having a mobile app cannot guarantee success because there are already millions of apps out there. To emerge victorious as an app owner, your app needs to reach the people it’s built for — your targeted customers. To make that happen, you need robust mobile app marketing services that will market your app the right way and make it easily discovered amongst your users.

Before we tell you how to prepare an app marketing plan in 2021, you must know everything about mobile app marketing and why it is essential for your app success.

The Importance of Mobile App Marketing in Today’s Age

These days, users are spending more time on mobile devices. Shoppers are enjoying their purchases through mobile apps. The US adults spend more than 4 hours with mobile internet, with 88% of that time within apps only.

Considering the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps, there’s a huge importance of mobile app marketing in today’s era. Mobile app marketing makes your app visible to your customers and helps you bring desired installs.

Entering into the mobile app marketing arena allows you to reach out to your smartphone customers and make them aware of your offerings. Nearly 98% of the businesses create a mobile app marketing strategy to get profitable results. If you don’t want to be left far behind your competitors, adopt robust app marketing strategies that increase downloads.

How to Develop an Ideal Mobile App Marketing Plan That Is Proven To Work in 2021

You must be thinking that getting your app to the top is a tough nut to crack, especially in today’s time. Well, it is. But once you know how to develop a solid app marketing plan, it becomes a cakewalk. Let’s see how to prepare a mobile app marketing plan in 2021 to generate more awareness and drive massive app downloads.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience, understanding where to find them, and appealing to them is the first step towards the mobile app marketing journey. When you invest in app development, you already know who your app is aimed at. Every app is targeted to different demographics. Build personas, explore similar apps, and notice people’s reviews to know your app users. This way, you can create a long-term, successful app marketing plan.

Market Research

Market research is a crucial step towards creating a successful mobile app marketing strategy. It helps you reach the correct audience. Gauge the complete market analysis and gather meaningful data and insights from the market. This way, you can boost your chances of cracking the code by knowing what works and what needs to be fixed for your app.

Competitor Analysis

You can’t strategize your app marketing plan unless you completely understand your competitors. By researching your competitors, you will identify things that you do and don’t want for your app. Once you find your competitors, create a spreadsheet of competition analysis and collect every possible datasheet. This helps you prepare a strong app marketing plan.

Start Engaging Potential Customers

To create a successful mobile app, your app needs to meet your ideal users’ needs. For that, you need to get feedback from your target audience throughout the app creation process via forums and social media platforms. When you engage with your potential users, understand their pain-points, and work towards solving their problems, you tend to develop a mobile app that your users love to install and use.

Emphasize the App Description

The app description plays a huge role in making your app go viral and driving more downloads. The app store only displays the first 2-3 lines of text. If your users want to read the full description, they need to tap on “read more.” You need to have a convincing message in the first 2-3 lines only. This way, you can persuade your users to tap on the install button instantly.

Spread Buzz on Social Media

Today, social media is one of the powerful marketing tools. With over 3.7 billion social media users worldwide, you can make anything go viral in no time only through social media. That said, creating a buzz around social media about your app can help you boost your app’s visibility, resulting in more users downloading your app.

Strengthen your ASO

Just like you maximize your SEO efforts to improve organic traffic, you need to do the same for your app to appear at the top of a search result in the app store. App Store Optimization (ASO) optimizes mobile apps for getting them ranked higher and increased discoverability on the app store search results. The higher your app will rank on the store, the more visible it is to your potential users.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Developing a rich content strategy helps you create awareness and engagement of your app. This swirl of online interest is what drives people to hit the install button. Remember, when it comes to content marketing, consistency is the key. To stand out, you need to create high-quality content consistently that adds value to the audience. Plus, you need to promote the content regularly.

Get App Reviews

Today, the opinion of people plays a crucial role when it comes to app installation. Almost 90% of people regularly or occasionally read through online reviews. Reviews and ratings can help persuade potential new users to hit the download button. If the users are interested in your app, allow them to express their views with a popup invitation to leave a review.

Measure App Metrics

It is essential to facilitate app analytics integration services to understand app metrics right from the beginning. This helps you track critical metrics for the success of your mobile app. You should figure out what metrics can help your app succeed in the mobile app market. Once you figure them out, keep tracking and analyzing them. Define KPIs, analyze data and ensure you’re putting in every possible effort for sustained gains.

Final Words

Developing a mobile app is half the job. The other half is all about marketing it well. If you execute all the aforementioned mobile app marketing tips the right way, you can pave the way for your mobile app’s success, acquire and retain users, and increase your ROI. Execute these steps, keep growing your app, draw amazing results, and stand out!

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