11 Best Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Startups to Succeed

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Has your startup recently developed an app? Are you looking for ways to increase its popularity? This blog discusses 11 proven mobile app marketing techniques and strategies to promote your startup app effectively.

Every year, thousands of mobile apps are developed, but very few land a spot in the top 10 list in app stores. What set those apps apart in today’s increased market competition? Effective app marketing techniques and strategies.

Per App Annie’s report, global mobile app downloads reached 204 billion (with the US over 10 billion) in 2019. It is also predicted that global mobile advertising spend will reach $240 billion by 2021. These stats show that users are consistently seeking out new apps. So, you don’t just need to create an app; you should also invest in winning app marketing to reach maximum potential customers.

Why Is App Marketing Important for Your Startup?

With mobile app revenue projected to reach $581.9 billion in 2020, it is no wonder why the mobile app development market has grown increasingly crowded. This incredible growth has made it seemingly impossible to create an app that will stand out. However, a well-constructed mobile app marketing plan can help you overcome this challenge and attract more users.

Embracing a foolproof mobile app promotion strategy from the beginning of app development helps your startup’s vision remain steady and focused. Mobile app marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why you should actively look for a professional app marketing company that implements a sure-fire app marketing strategy to increase your app’s visibility before it even hits the market.

Top 11 Effective Startup App Marketing Strategies That Work Wonders

Once the app is developed, several questions come to entrepreneurs’ minds, like how do I make my app go viral? What are the best marketing strategies for my startup business? What is the best way to market my app? And so on. Meanwhile, startups make some avoidable app marketing mistakes that cost them big time. To overcome this, we have handpicked some app marketing practices for startups to ensure your app does not go unnoticed.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Before you develop a mobile app, you should first choose the right audience and understand them thoroughly. If you know your audience well, you will be able to target your marketing efforts accordingly. Know their demographics, age, lifestyle, spending habits, recreational habits, and all other essential factors to understand who you are selling to.

Key Takeaway: Doing such things will save you from the wrong marketing investment and help you keep your time and money for app marketing.

2. Research Your Competitors

Once you know who your potential customers are, now it’s time to research your competitors. Why is it important to do so? Because your competitors are likely targeting a similar group of people, thus knowing their app marketing ideas can help you understand what worked for them and what didn’t.

Key Takeaway: To outperform in this competitive market, you shouldn’t only know your customers but also keep an eye on your competitors and peers.

3. Do Pre-Launch Marketing

Many mobile apps fall behind when businesses don’t make marketing strategies right before its launch. Therefore, it is crucial to create an effective startup app marketing strategy before app development. Releasing a short video (teaser), creating a buzz on social media, running surveys, and more can help you build excitement among customers before the app launch.

Key Takeaway: The app store is crowded, to grow your user base and stand out from others, you need to start promoting your startup app before the launch.

4. App Store Optimization (ASO)

Over half of the people find and download apps while surfing over the app stores only. Creating a useful store page is significant and plays an integral part in your startup app marketing. Optimize your app store with a descriptive title, detailed description, appealing icon, using keywords wisely, high-quality screenshots, app preview video, and more to stand out.

Key Takeaway: The right app store optimization process will help your startup app to outperform and secure a place in the top 10 list.

5. Incorporate Reviews

How do you choose an app when you are confused? By checking out the reviews? Yes, most of us select an app by reading what other users have to say about it. Incorporating reviews in your app builds trust and transparency and can be the difference for potential customers to rely upon and choose your app. Reviews are a critical part of an app marketing process, so ensure to reach out to customers and reviewers and get the positive reviews lined up.

Key Takeaway: People rely on word of mouth, thus incorporating reviews in your app to build trust among your potential customers.

6. Enable Push Notifications

Adopting push notification is one of the best mobile app promotion strategies to keep your app at the forefront of users’ minds and boost customer engagement. By strategically using push notifications with an official opt-in message, leveraging personalized content, alerting users about available app updates, and more, you can remind your users about your app from time-to-time to keep them engaged.

Key Takeaway: Enabling push notifications in your app for startup helps you stay connected to your potential customers and keeps them engaged.

7. Make the App Shareable

Developing your startup app with user-first intent is essential for your startup success. You should make it easy for users to share your application with their friends, families, and loved ones. Ask your partnered mobile app development company to add native elements that will make your app easily shareable on social media platforms, WhatsApp, and others.

Key Takeaway: Making your app shareable is one of the smartest app marketing strategies to make your app go viral instantly.

8. Gain Online Presence

Irrespective of great features, appealing interface, attractive icon design, building your app’s online presence via effective online marketing is a must. Doing this provides links to your app, creates brand awareness, develops a strong reputation among your audience, and will further engage current users while also attracting new ones.

Key Takeaway: App Marketing is known as one of the best marketing tools. Thus, it helps you in strengthening your app’s online presence.

9. Leverage SEO

How will you make sure that your startup app gets recognized among the millions of other apps in the Apps Store and Google Play Store? You can make sure your app gets noticed by optimizing it the right way. A strong SEO strategy that involves the right keywords in your app title and descriptions is a smart app marketing plan that will help your startup app to rank higher in Google and the app stores.

Key Takeaway: Leveraging the power of SEO will help your startup app to attain a higher ranking in search engines and required app stores.

10. Use Social Media Influencers

Around 49% of consumers rely on recommendations from influencers when it comes to downloading an app. Every marketer is crazy about influencer marketing, and entrepreneurs cannot be left behind. Social media posts do wonders in today’s time, so collaborating with authentic social media influencers to promote your app can be a smart move to increase downloads on your startup app.

Key Takeaway: Social media influencers have a high impact on today’s world. Thus, collaborating with them can take your startup app to a notch higher.

11. Monitor App Performance

Once your app is launched, that doesn’t mean your app marketing job is over; you should start tracking and monitoring your app performance using KPI metrics. Track how people are using the app, reviewing the user feedback, and being attentive to those feedbacks. This can help you understand the results so that you can do the required changes related to your startup app marketing strategy accordingly.

Key Takeaway: Tracking and monitoring your app performance using KPI metrics helps you understand the results to make the needed changes.

Final Words

As the number of app users and their development and launch is increasing, the potential of mobile app marketing is witnessing rapid growth. The success of your mobile startup app depends upon the marketing strategy you follow. Thus, we have selected some effective app marketing strategies (mentioned above) for your startup to succeed. So, which out of all, resonates with you? One, more than one, or all?

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