7 Best Real Estate Apps for Agents and Property Agencies

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Property agents are known as great rescuer whenever buyers get stuck in exploring their dream property. In this blog, we will talk about the best real estate apps for the property agents to help buyers in finding the best possible deals in properties with the use of these apps.

Buying a property in the form of land or building is the most expensive purchase of all time anyone makes. To get the best deal, everyone needs to ponder and try to inherit as much knowledge and information as one can get, before spending loads of money on a property. To get the best possible deals, a person needs a well-versed agent who is proficient in dealing with property-related work such as selling and renting buildings, lands, etc.

A real estate agent represents sellers or buyers of real estate who are always on the go; meeting new clients; viewing the property, and signing contracts. Being a real estate agent is challenging, exciting, and possibly very profitable. But sometimes, it becomes tedious as well when you need to unearth the files or emails to get the requisite information or faxing paperwork for signatures.

To make the work easy for real estate agents and property agencies, numerous real estate apps are available that keep every agent productive and organized.

List of Best Real Estate Apps

1. Dotloop

The very first app on the list is Dotloop, a leading productivity optimization app in the field of real estate, a platform used to complete all the real estate transactions in just one place. It is specially designed for the real estate industry to lessen the effort of paperwork. The primary features of this app include document management, transaction management, e-sign, and many others.

Download links: iOS, Android.

Why is this app beneficial for agents and property agencies?

  • The wide selection of tools allows you to operate seamlessly and collaborate in real-time.
  • It allows you to meet aimed clients, working teams, and other parties to share documents.
  • Data processed is safely stored in a system that is accessible to you anytime from anywhere.
  • It has the feature of e-signature that makes the negotiations faster and easier for you.
  • The one page UI makes all the information and summaries related to the project visible easily to you as well as your clients.

2. Propertybase

The second app on the list is Propertybase, an ideal cloud-based app for the real estate industry where agents, brokers, and buyers are entirely connected. It allows you to manage leads and contacts via lead routing, drip campaigns, and other automated processes.

It simplifies the work by creating streamlined and efficient processes to manage the entire sales cycle, which eventually forms extraordinary experiences to engage buyers and sellers. It serves over 200 thousand users in 60 countries worldwide.

The app is powered by Salesforce, get more details on how to download the app on their mobile page.

Why is this app beneficial for agents and property agencies?

  • It creates customized reporting and helps you to simplify work.
  • It helps you in creating and tracking real-time email campaigns.
  • It is one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) apps available for agents and property agencies.
  • Adopting Propertybase helps you to grow your business with a campaign and lead management.

3. Zillow

The third app on the list is Zillow. It is a multi-use platform, used for property search, helps in finding homes for sale and apartments for rent. Zillow is considered to be one of the simplest apps to find houses either for selling or renting. It has over 100 million real estate listings updated on the app.

Download links: iOS, Android.

Why is this app beneficial for agents and property agencies?

  • It allows you to advertise your skills to a larger group of audience.
  • The app avoids all types of legal complications you face, saves time, money, and energy in the long run.
  • It organizes lots of valuable information for you in just one place.
  • It provides many features to you such as push notifications, quick emails, auto-responder, etc. to ease your job.

4. Spotio

The fourth app on the list is Spotio, considered to be one of the best apps for real estate in terms of marketing. Agents themselves developed this app, which differentiates it from others.

It allows you to access the explorer’s addresses and contacts with ease. It exports all the entries and prepare notes directly to the excel sheets or PDFs.

This app is specially designed to assist businesses with capturing the lead, tracking resources, etc.

Download links: iOS, Android.

Why is this app beneficial for agents and property agencies?

  • It has the feature of customer mapping that saves your time and money.
  • Spotio allows you to manage all the documents digitally.
  • It allows you to set follow up reminders and features of the syncing calendar.
  • The app has communication features that help you to generate sales rep engagement.

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5. RoomScan

The next app on the list is RoomScan. It is an app by Locometric that uses a smartphone and generates a floor plan of an entire room within a minute. RoomScan allows you to use an augmented reality scanner, a laser to take measurements of floor plans of any property easily. Besides, it permits you to create an image file that is free of charge.

Download links: iOS.

Why is this app beneficial for agents and property agencies?

  • Augmented reality scanning helps you to get accurate measurements of any property.
  • The measurements can easily be exported in an image to lessen your work efforts.

6) Redfin

The second last and sixth app on the list is Redfin. It is one of the considerable apps in the real estate industry, a powerful real estate app for buying and selling of residential property.

The app specializes in updating listings and providing valuable information such as last sale price, condition of the property, age, style, and much more. The app is available in more than 80 major US markets.

Download links: iOS, Android.

Why is this app beneficial for agents and property agencies?

  • It gives you a virtual tour of a property, which saves the visiting time and effort.
  • It provides you faster tour services with just a tap on the phone.
  • It helps you to build a good customer relationship by assuring the desired deals for them with a refund option.
  • You can get a complete comparative market analysis to figure out the best deals for your buyers.

7) Docusign

Last but not least, the seventh app on the list is DocuSign. It is an app designed specially to make document signing easy and on the go. It provides a convenient way to complete transactions and allows users to sign documents within a few minutes. It has over 50 million users worldwide.

Download links: iOS, Android.

Why is this app beneficial for agents and property agencies?

  • It helps you in organizing and storing documents by cutting down the use of paperwork.
  • It becomes easy for you to get e-sign of customers by using a smartphone or tablet.


All the mentioned apps have their pursuits and work differently. Every app has diverse approaches and preferences as per the use of an individual and the business. It solely depends on the agents which apps to choose as per their accordance to help in getting the best property deal for their buyers.

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