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Wearable App Development Platforms

An Insight into Unfolding Wearable App Development Platforms

Wearable app development witnessed a great boom due to growing usages of wearable devices like smartphones, eyeglasses, VR Headset and lots more. Take a look at some popular wearable platforms that are gaining a huge space among developers.     The rapid technological advancement not only brings new devices into limelight but also makes the existing

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Augmented Reality for Businesses - AppsChopper

Harnessing Potential Advantages of Augmented Reality for Businesses

Augmented reality is a futuristic technology offering something to every industry. Let’s discuss various advantages and role of AR strategy for prospering businesses.     Augmented technology (AR) can do much more to flourish your business than just what you think. It possesses lots of hidden potentials to deal with businesses facing a grim situation due

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Android App Development Companies - AppsChopper

How Android App Development is Contributing in IoT?

Android apps are becoming the most popular option in IoT. They are perfect for controlling devices connected through IoT and lots more.   Being the most powerful mobile operating system, Android has been making a lot of contributions in uplifting the mobile application and devices since the inception of mobile technology. Majority of population across

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Top 5 Ways to Flourish Your Business with IoT Companies

As Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the entire business world by storm, it is wise for business to reap its fullest potentials to improve operations and discover the latest techniques for customer engagement, which is important for them for rejoicing with a strong existence in the market. In this post, we will discuss how

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Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons - AppsChopper Blog

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons: Scope and Uses

Is beacon able to track customers when they have checked in stores? Is Bluetooth low energy beacons able to send signals directly to the buyers when they are near at my shopping store? Does beacon have an ability to drive my sales? Well, these are some frequently asked questions about the capability of beacons under the

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AR and VR Redefining Customer Service - AppsChopper

How will AR and VR Technologies Re-Define Customer Services in Future

Gone are those days, when we communicate either through writing a letter or making calls. In today’s ever-changing and advanced technological world, we’re blessed with myriad of options to communicate and share information. Thanks to internet, we enjoy everything at our fingertips whether it’s email, text chat or social networks for communicating and sharing messages

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Wearable Technology in Healthcare Vertical - AppsChopper Blog

How Wearable Technology Will be Game Changer for Healthcare industry?

Emergence of wearable technology pricked up the ears of most of the entrepreneurs for having immeasurable potentials to recast many industries, healthcare is not an exception. Healthcare sector witnessed a widespread changes over the years, in terms of assimilation of technology in medicines, therapies, etc., for enhancing life expectancy to a wider extent.    Adoption

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Augmented reality app development

Top Benefits of Augmented Reality App Development Platforms

An augmented reality app is a software application that integrates digital visual and sometimes audio and other types of content into the real world user environment. These applications are also used in many industries like healthcare, marketing, tourism, etc. The AR technology upgrades our real world by adding a digital layer of information to it.

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Wearable App Development

Challenges Every Wearable App Development Company Might Face in Customization

The advent of wearable technology brought fantastic variation in the mobile app industry. Today, the majority of people enjoy using wearable devices like smart watches, fitness trackers, Google glasses, & more for countable purposes. The consistent demand of these compact & user-friendly devices contributes in the growth of wearable app development companies in the global

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