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The performance and functioning of an Android application primarily depends on the individual who has built it. This is the reason why people are willing to hire a reliable company, which promises to create a secure and scalable app for their online businesses. If you have a creative idea in your mind but do not possess the required skills for android application development, approaching a trusted app development company would surely be a great idea.

Required Skills You Need To Look For While Choosing An Android Application Development Company

Before finalizing a company, make sure that the developer, who is going to work on your project, is well-versed in Java and knows how to use Eclipse IDE for SQL and Java. Knowledge of Java is imperative for using Android SDK, which is an important tool for developing Android applications. A developers must have know-how of using Eclipse for Java as it reduces the time for coding the application’s architecture. Proficiency in SQL language is a key to developing stable apps. Even, the XML knowledge can help resolve XML related issues.

Amazing Android Facts That Are Likely To Inspire You

• There are over 1300,000 applications in the Google Play store
• As per the recent reports, Google Play comprises 84% free & 16% paid apps, which incorporate all kinds of apps
• Around 1.5 millions of Android OS powered devices go online in a day
• Strategy Analytics report revealed that till the second quarter of 2014, Android had received 85% of the market share
• There are endless Android-based smart phones that cover mobile devices of all prices, from the most expensive to the cheapest smart phones.

With the rising popularity of Android-based smart phones, you will not have any trouble in choosing the right company for your Android apps development project. However, only a few companies may be able to deliver the expected quality outcomes. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right company by following a well-planned approach.

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