How to Get your Android Application’s Deep Links Indexed in Google Search Result!

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Google came with the latest addition to its Android group and one of the less noticed new features was the App Indexing. Now Google lets the content within the applications to get surfaced in its search results by making use of deep links. Presently, one of the major issues with the mobile search is that it acts fully blind to actionable and rich content within the applications. It is expected that Android App Indexing is likely to mold the way with which the users explore the content within an app by using the Google’s primary treasure to avail downstream engagement for the application developers.

Define App Indexing:

App indexing is a process, which enables you to link pages from your website with particular content within an app of your Smartphone. It allows the smart phone users (who have already installed your app on their devices) to open it straightly via suitable mobile search results on Google. For instance, you own a website related, which runs a recipe and you have an application that is capable of exhibiting your recipe. Now, you must be thankful to the app indexing feature, which shows your recipe in the form of a search result to the Google searcher on their smart devices. If they have installed your app, then they can open the search results in your application.

This search features can be availed through Google Search App version 2.8+ in order to access it for 4.1+ to get it on the Android mobile browsers (users need to be signed in).

How to index your Android apps deep links!

If you really want to let your users (who have installed an app) open your content within your application via the search results, then you are supposed to configure both your application and website to convey their relationship via:

  • Incorporate the deep link support as well as specify that how to access the particular content within your application.
  • For each web page, you can provide links that owns a corresponding or resembling deep link. The deep link can be in your site maps or every page of your website.
  • If you want Google to index your app and exhibit it as an option to open in (an app) deep links in the major search results, then, you must configure appropriately both the app and the website.

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The process of adding deep links to your app:

If you want Google to index the content within your app and make it searchable for the users, who have already installed the app, then you must define intent filters in your application manifesto that cite that how to access the particular content within your app.
For more detail access this link:

Adding deep links to your website:

Each page of your website can notify that whether its content must be loaded in your app or not. For this, Google is informed regarding the relationship of your web page as well as deep link into the app.

Get better understanding through the link:

After completing notify Google that you had linked your app and website:

Once you are done with the process of adding deep links to your app and website, it is time to notify the Google regarding it.

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