How to Increase Downloads of Your Mobile Application or Game

The market space for mobile apps is huge. Around millions of apps are downloaded daily. Despite the huge demand of mobile applications and the presence of apps stores, it is not easy to market the application or game successfully. The developers’ job should not end with just developing the app and publicizing it on the apps store. They need to consider other areas that are associated with optimizing the downloads of mobile application. To help you, this blog presents key areas:

File Size Of App Matters:

It is discovered that the frequency of download is correlated with the size of application. There is difference of about 10% between the downloading frequency of game app of size <20MB and 100MB<. Therefore make sure that your app should possess relevant file size. Unnecessary use of flash or animated theme and inappropriate coding structure increase the size of app, thus try to minimize this.

User Interface Plays Crucial Role:

The interface of mobile app gives first impression to the user. Thus, while developing the interface, scrutinize it thoroughly and check that whether the theme is relevantly designed or not. The relevantly designed theme eases user’s interaction and enhances usability of the app.

Deploy Pre-Launch Marketing Strategy:

It will be better to spend some time on creating pre-launch marketing strategy. It is evaluated that around 15% time is spent in marketing by the highest paid developer. For achieving success in pre-launch marketing, you just need to do the following things, like:

♦ Create Appropriate Icon:
The superbly designed icon plays the best part to enable the user easily recognize your app. Hire a specialist app designer, who can create the relevant Icon for your apps.
♦ Develop Landing Page:
Making live landing page is the best way for spreading awareness regarding the mobile app. Ensure that your landing page comprises simple theme, relevant product’s description and address of application (from where the app can be downloaded).
♦ Build Social Media Page:
Today, around millions of people from different corners of the world are associated with social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. Therefore, this is better opportunity to invest time and money in social media advertising, such as Facbook Page, Facebook Mobile Ads and much more. The advertising campaign has become cost-effective that you can even adjust the budget for CPC.

Put Relevant Price For Your App:

By tagging the appropriate price for application, you can get more download. Do some research on the price of similar application, examine the difference between the features of similar application and then according to the features put your price. Be cautious from the free of cost applications, most of the people search for free apps, hence throughly check all the apps store, then tag the correct price.

Opt The Best Platform For Advertising:

The advertising platform gives the best way to promote application in the market. The important thing is that, on which platform user should invest time for advertising, there are lots of advertising platforms, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. With more than 1billion Facebook mobile users, it is concluded that Facebook can be the topmost platform for advertising. While other platforms such as Google and Yahoo, they are also doing well.

Marketing the app is not confined to developing & publishing the app on the app store. For successful marketing, every developer needs to consider the various facets of the app, such as cost, marketing platform, interface and file size. By improving all these features, developer can make profit in the application market. Please share your ideas regarding this blog with the help of comment section given below.

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