Best Free Health and Fitness Apps to Stay Trim

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Stay healthy and fit is something that is a common goal for everyone. We have listed here some free health and fitness apps witnessed their huge popularity among users.

“A sound mind in a sound body.” Well, the old proverb inspires everyone to stay healthy and enjoy a happy life. In today’s fast-paced life, people hardly get time to do regular workouts and thus fail to achieve their fitness goals. Nonetheless, the majority of them create their fitness goals and try to achieve it by crook or by the hook. Unfortunately, the success ratio is quite lower.

Thanks to the presence of the best free health and fitness apps letting people create their workout plan based on their health requirements. They can track workouts regularly, map it, access stats, feedback, etc. It helps them get maximum out of their customized fitness plans and achieve their health goals without any hustle.

This encourages mobile application development company to focus on creating quality health apps to cater to upsurging demands. Let’s dive into a detailed description of certain most sought-after and the best free health and fitness apps created a stir among smartphone users.

List of Best Free Fitness Apps


Stores: (iOS, Android)


Sworkit is one of the best free health and fitness apps, prevents users from going to the gym to stay healthy. It lets them discover the smartest workout plan to stay trim, young and fit. All they need to do is to choose the effective workout they are seeking to engage with, and Sworkit will provide them the best one accordingly.

Sworkit App Features:

  • Beginners can find a special workout plan for them.
  • Spend time with a 6-week workout plan to get results.
  • Access a vast database of bodyweight exercises and choose the right one.
  • Users can plan their workouts according to their fitness requirements.

Yoga Studio

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Yoga Studio

As the name suggests, Yoga Studio lets users convert their living place into a studio. It lets them watch popular HD videos of yoga classes and helps users get a slim body. The video includes a special teacher commentary. Users can join yoga classes from any location and anytime.

Yoga Studio App Features

  • Browse 80+ readymade yoga classes with HD quality.
  • Users can create or customize their own unique HD video classes.
  • Get a vast library of 280+ poses.
  • Keep your workout on the right track with yoga classes.


Stores: (iOS, Android)

My Plate

MyPlate lets users track calories and create their workout plan accordingly, to lose extra fat and get a toned and slim figure. As a user-friendly app, it lets users join the largest group of those who have already burnt calories. They can track their food and workout on their devices.

MyPlate App Features

  • Users can browse over a wide range of food database with more than 2 million products.
  • A barcode scanner enables you to track and discover food quite conveniently.
  • Create a personalized calorie goal
  • Access real-time community support

Map My Fitness

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness lets users track and map their every fitness workout and can access stats to find the scope of improvements. It is a one-stop solution for all health requirements and lets users discover the way to stay slim and fit. Join the largest community of athletes to discover new methods, save/share favorite ones, and more.

Map My Fitness Features

  • Users can monitor and map their day-to-day fitness activity.
  • Explore feedbacks and stats to analyze performance.
  • Get connected with wearables and applications.
  • Join community consisted of 40 million athletes.

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Stores: (iOS, Android)


JEFIT is another free health and fitness app, which lets users enjoy a healthy lifestyle with free fitness database. It lets them discover the maximum of their gym or home-based workout plan. The app is available with a complete HD video exercise instruction and various popular tools to log and also can track workout quite conveniently.

JEFIT App Features

  • Browse over 1300 weight training exercises in the vast database.
  • Track workout easily with fitness plans and community created workout programs.
  • Use intuitive tools for body measurement log, interval timers, schedule planner notes, etc.
  • Join the community and find friends who can help in achieving your fitness goals.

Seven – 7 Minute Workouts

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Seven - 7 Minute

Seven – 7 is a reliable health and fitness app that allows users to make their workout program more effective and get maximum out of it. Users can find the personalized workout plan matching their needs and expectations in a better way. Seven – 7 is the right option for everyone seeking to lose weight, develop muscles and become strong.

Seven App Features

  • With Seven – 7, users can start their workout from any location and anytime, without any need for equipment.
  • Get Seven workout challenges to create a habit for training.
  • Experience a competitive atmosphere with friends and get extra support and encouragement.
  • Customize your workout plan.

Workout for Women

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Workout for Women

Women who are highly conscious about their figure need to use none other than Workout for Women app for getting the right workout plan, based on their personal needs and fitness goal. Users just need to engage themselves with 7-minute workout a day to get rid of extra belly and stay healthier.

Workout for Women Features

  • Users can engage with short but the most effective workout.
  • Burn calories quickly and get a toned body.
  • No fitness equipment required.
  • Get personal trainer with video instructions and voice.
  • Track calories, weight, workout, etc.

Google Fit

Store: (Android)

Google Fit

With Google Fit, users will be able to know which activity and how much effort is required to stay healthy and fit. It includes two new activity goals including Heart Points and Move Minutes to help users in improving their health and lifestyle. In other words, it’s a complete health package.

Google Fit Features

  • Users can track workouts with their devices.
  • Monitor activity goals like Heart Points and Move Minutes every day.
  • Explore customized tips, with actionable coaching.
  • Users can get a snapshot of their activity history anytime.
  • The app counts users’ every movement, be it walking, running or biking.

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