Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons: Scope and Uses

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Is beacon able to track customers when they have checked in stores? Is Bluetooth low energy beacons able to send signals directly to the buyers when they are near at my shopping store? Does beacon have an ability to drive my sales? Well, these are some frequently asked questions about the capability of beacons under the internet of things umbrella. Before dive into details, it is important to understand beacon.

Defining beacon, which is the the most important device that has an ability to broadcast signals at certain intervals. Designed with the state-of the-art technology, beacon is able to let application understands its location and disseminates signals to those of users based on it. 

The scope of beacon in today’s digital era is diverse and expected to increase in coming days as well. Beacons and proximity have widespread uses for numerous activities:

  • Employee Tracking
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Keyless Access

Being a small bluetooth device, beacon is capable of bridging the gap between online and offline world, while gathering crucial data at the same time. Beacons are designed to work differently with different mobile applications too, following defined M2M IoT development programming. This plays a significant role in enhancing its capability and relevance in today’s world.  

What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons?  

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons are basically hardware transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to broadcast signals to the recipients nearby shopping stores. The technology uses different devices for performing action especially when get in close proximity to a beacon.

Benefits of Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons:  

  • Make operation cheaper approximately 60% to 80%
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Long lasting, up to 2 – 5 years

Eddystone or iBeacon?

Well before choosing the right option between Eddystone and iBeacon, you should understand what they basically serve. They both are communication protocols that describe the format to make up the signal when sent to the recipient through beacon devices.

Concluding Facts

The major differences between these two are iBeacon is simple to install with less features and documentation. Eddystone, quite the contrary, is complicated to be installed, but having more features and is capable of transmitting more information compared to iBeacon.    

Industries Accepted Beacon Technology


Beacon technology witnessed its huge acceptance by retail industry. It helps retailers plan ahead to serve customers with the products they are interested to purchase, apart from making operation smooth and cost-efficient.

Here’s how retailers utilize beacon technology.

  • Disseminate information regarding deals and discounts to customers when they are nearby store.
  • Manage store and operation
  • Message regarding parking or help


Beacons are revolutionizing travel industry in the following ways.

  • Independent or self-guided tour
  • Get important map, additional  and relevant messages
  • Upcoming events

Meeting, Conferences and Events

  • Strong and efficient network
  • Indicate which LinkedIn contacts are nearby of the events and their interest for certain activities
  • Alert and updates for keeping attendees informed in a real time.
  • Encourage attendees to join the gatherings.  

Installation, Security and Scalability

Ensure you are blessed with the right set of tools and communication for deployment of beacons. It is advisable to check the configuration and label especially during deployment of beacons.   

When it comes to security, beacons are considered to be highly secured especially for financial interactions and it is impossible for anyone to gain access of your beacons. Thanks to Eddystone communication system that has a significant role in making it fully secure.

For scalability, find out whether the service provider uses the management tool to track every beacon along with their current status and notifications. Getting details about pricing is highly important.     

Conclusion: –

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons are an emerging technology serving multiple industries in different ways. It has become an advanced way of sending promotional messages to the customers who are nearby shopping stores and instigate them to grab the best deals and offers on the items they are seeking to buy.

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