Few Facts to Know About Mobile and Mobile Apps in 2015

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Mobile and Mobile apps are increasingly evolving. In mobile industry, every new year, various unprecedented facts are discovered that drive developers & designers to bring effective changes in strategies that help them deploy desirable app and add new features in mobile. The year 2015 is also full of new amazing facts that most of the development organizations do not know. Hence, this blog presents those amazing facts. Let’s explore the latest facts that the people should know in 2015:

Mobile Application Diminishes Search Revenue

According to the report by The Street, it has been evaluated that mobile application leads to decreasing the revenue of Google through search. Most of the users spends more time on mobile app than searching the mobile website from the search engines that is hampering the Google bottom line.

More than 66% of Mobile Users in the UK Do Not Read Terms & Conditions

The survey by Intel Security For Safer Internet states that 2/3 of UK’s adult mobile users do not read the Terms and Conditions. There are lots of reasons behind this, like most of users trust the app store, some do not get time to read and some do not find it important to read. It has also been surveyed that out of 2000 users, 20% do not care about T&Cs, 57% think that they do not require any solution for protecting the phone from Malware and 5% think that their mobile cannot be hacked.

Major Modification in Retailing Mobile Apps are Going to be Done in 2015

As per the report, it has been found that the major organizations are looking to do some changes in their retailing mobile apps. The change comprises amazing functionality, such as:

  • Users will be able to use GPS to find the nearest location of the items store.
  • Users can checkout the presence of items in the stock
  • There will be more focus on user’s experience.

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Mobile Customer Care will Emerge as a Requirement

This year, you will witness the emergence of requirement for mobile customer care application. The major brands will come up with application that can provide the customer support with richer interface.

Mobile Payment will be Used by 450 million Customer by 2017

According to Statista, the volume of transaction through mobile payment process will value around $ 431 billion in 2015 and this will increase to $ 730 billion in 2017. Moreover, as per juniper research, around 450 million customers will be using mobile payment system by 2017.

Social Messaging is Integrated in Mobile App to Improve Brand Exposure

Now most of the organizations are going to use the power of social messaging app in order to enhance their brand presence. Today, there are around 1 billion active users of major social messaging app. This will be a great opportunity for the brand to integrate these messaging apps with their business app to reach to more customers and promote their brand.


The mobile application industry is going through different changes. Every day new ideas will come and some new facts will emerge. Our life is associated with these mobile and its apps, hence it is imperative for everyone to be aware of what is going on in smartphones and its related sectors.

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