How an iOS Application Development Company Ensures One-Go App Store Approval?

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The popularity of iOS apps can be traced with the presence of numbers of apps in the App Store. According to current figure, App Store houses approximate 1,252, 777 apps. The use of iOS apps is diversified, which finally pushed its craze around the world. This inspires an iOS application development company to build apps for iPhone and other Apple devices to cater businesses.

Do all apps developed by an iOS application development company get approved in App Store?

Well, the answer is certainly ‘NOT’. The App Store welcomes a large number of apps – some of them get approved whereas others are rejected. We will discuss here how an iOS application development company can maximize chance of an app to be approved in App Store.  

Provide Adequate and Required Details

The description should be focused on your app rather than explaining something else. Write a point-to-point description in simple words to make it easily understandable to everyone. The description should include functionality, features, etc., about your application. Don’t forget to include screenshots of your app while writing a description for it.

Accomplish All Necessary Details   

An incomplete documentation tends to minimize the chance of approval for your application in App Store. It is appropriate to provide all necessary details such as your name, contact number, email ID, etc. Provide a complete description about the API that your app uses. Provide details about the pictures or icons used and also if the same are used in other applications. If required, it is apt to link an external website with a complete description.

Check Bugs and Fix It

Most of the iOS apps are not able to make their place in the App Store only due to bugs or certain technical issues. It happens due to carelessness of an iOS application development Company. So, it is evident to test your app thoroughly to find bugs and try to fix it before submitting it to the App Store. Submit your app only if you are fully satisfied with its performance.  

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Find Broken Links and Fix It

Any Broken Links can make your entire efforts of app development futile. Make sure your app review team has reviewed every single link of app. If they find any broken links, then your efforts should be to fix them immediately.

Be Unique and Creative

As mentioned above, Apple Store deals with a large number of apps everyday. So, the competition is really tough especially when it comes to getting placed in App Store for your applications. In this case, being creative and unique with your app will help you a lot. Make choice of your niche and try to present your app in a unique and different way.  

Make Your App Simple

Always remember, a simple version of an application has a maximum chance of getting approval from App Store. So, try to make it simple as possible as to do as it helps you get rid of some complicated frills of initial submission process. Keep in mind, first submission is tough and time taking. Once basic version of your app gets approval in the App Store successfully, then you will not face any problems for updated versions.

Follow Rules and Guidelines

Make sure you are aware of every rule and guideline of App Store for app submission process. And follow these rules in a proper way. Though Apple has some rigorous and complex rules for the same, you need to be determined to follow the rules when submitting your app for getting an approval.

Go Through Previous Rejection History

It is good to go through the list of apps that are rejected by the app store. You can explore causes that were key for rejections. This will definitely give you a complete idea in terms of what helps your app get easily featured in App Store.  

Conclusion: –

Apple has some tough rules and guidelines for app approval. Your app should meet all criteria to get featured in the App Store. Keeping these rules and guidelines in mind is necessary for an iOS application development company when developing an app to make its chance of App Store approval higher. Once developed, the app should be tested properly to ensure everything is okay for final submission.

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