iPod Application Development: Some Unsung Features of iOS 6 Devices

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If we go with the words of Apple which states that the iOS 6 is introduced with more than 200 new features as compared to its previous versions then we can imagine the vast opportunities for an application development company. It is a common saying that smart people do the out of league tasks smartly.

On one side where the crowd of application developers is running behind the main common features of iOS 6; on the other side smart application developers are concentrating on the unsung and not so popular features of iOS6. If you too want to make a unique place in the iPod application development then it is very important for you to hit the out of box target. Every iPod user loves something innovative and this innovative idea could be yours.

In this video you can see some of the unsung features of iOS6 device:

So to make you aware about some of the not so popular yet amazing attributes of iOS 6; we are providing a list of unsung and untold features of iOS6.

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An Updated Huge Thesaurus

iCloud is one of the main feature that pushes the popularity of iOS device and with iOS 6 this feature is ready with wider wings. With iOS 6 a user can add multiple dictionaries to its personal iCloud and can get a quicker access to them; anytime, anywhere.  So an application concentrated on dictionary category could be a flying machine for your idea.

iOS 6 is Loaded With e-mail Alert Feature

With the last updates iPod users were enabled to put some particular email messages in VIP mailbox but iOS6 has upgraded this step with the latest e-mail alert feature. Now iOS users can not only locate the messages in VIP mailbox but can also make customized email alerts for the same.

Find My Friends Feature Incorporated With Geo Fencing

This amazing trait from iOS 6 is ready to provide the usability of Geo Fencing to the users. With this trait the iOS users will be able to discover the other iOS owners on a local map. Furthermore you will also be alerted when someone from your friend list enters or leave the Geo Fencing area selected by you.

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