Long Press Gesture: Useful Feature to Embed in iPhone Applications

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Internet is flooded with the blogs which favors the major attributes of iPhone devices like Camera, Navigation, Multimedia and Games but no one cares to talk about the minor features. In this post we are going to tell you something different, something that you haven’t read before. Today we are going to put a spotlight on a very small yet attractive trait of iPhone that is ‘Long Press Gesture’.

Every iPhone user must have used this feature to copy the text or to get more options for a tab but this feature can offer you a lot more. For the developer end; No matter what type of iPhone application development you are planning, this Long Press Gesture can make your application more easy and attractive.

In the later section we are going to tell you the commands where you can use this amazing feature of iPhone devices to make your application much more customizable and easy to operate.

Use it on Keypad

Long Press a Letter on Key Pad:

The Long Press gesture provides a lot of option while typing a text. When you long press a letter from the keypad; the window provides you more options and alternative fonts of the similar word.

Long Press a Numeric key:

This is a very amazing feature which a user don’t even notice while using the keypad. If you long press a numeric key, you can slide your finger to any no. on keypad and the no. will be typed as soon as you release the touch.

Long Press the Delete Key:

Deleting a text can be a hassle if you have to delete a long text by pressing the delete key again and again. By long pressing the delete key you can delete the text more easily and quickly.

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Use it on Web Browser

Long Press the .com button:

On the internet browser when you long press the .com button; a new pop up window appears that offers you other domains like .net, .edu, .org and many more.

Long Press the back button:

While pressing the back button in the browser will redirect you to the previous page but if you long press the back button; you can see the preview of your internet browsing history.

Long Press a link:

When you long press a link or an email address; the iOS offers the additional options like go to, copy, copy to clipboard, open in new tab and much more.

long press

Other Uses

Use it to Move or delete an app:

When you long press an application on the menu or home screen; you can move or delete the app easily. This can be a source for inspiration for a game where the commands like drag or move is required.

Pin a location on the Map:

If you are planning to design a navigation application for iPhone devices then you can use the ‘Long Press Gesture’ to pin a location by long pressing the space on the map.

Activate Siri:

When the users long press any blank space on the home screen; it commands the OS to automatically launch the Apple Siri.

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