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The first iPhone was released during the summers of 2007; the device was not so much advanced as compared to the present generation but it wrote the History. iPhone has proudly entered into the 5th generation and is still stunning the users with the most advanced features since inception.

Beside with the advanced hardware and software attributes; the credit of the iPhone popularity is surely earned by the amazing iPhone applications. The iOS app store was launched around a year after the launch of first iPhone with a few hundred apps at the starting.

Check out the below provided informative video for a brief introduction of the Push Technology.

At present there are more than 800k applications for different iOS devices in the App store. These apps are based on different subjects including games, social networking, Location, utility and many more. Beside with these genres of Apps; in the recent months an innovative concept of app development is come in to the lime light. This genre is based on the ‘Push Technology’.

As you can imagine from the name; Push technology is an innovative concept of sending or receiving the messages and data bytes from one Push enabled device to another. This technology can be a great substitute of paid SMS/MMS for the mobile users. At present there are just a few applications which are employing this technology and the market is demanding a lot more.Also read: Swift vs Objective-C: Which one to Prefer for Your iOS App Development?

The basic concept behind the iPhone app based on this technology is quite simple and innovative.The foremost part of the iPhone application development process is to authenticate the push requests of iOS application through public-key certificates. These keys are needed to be registered with Apple.

After the installation of the Push app in both iOS devices; a series of process will came into play which will enable the users to send/receive the message. These steps are as follows:
=>After the User 1 sends the message to User 2; the User 2 will first receive a Push notification in which he would be asked for the permission to connect with the User1.
=>After the User2 permits the connection; the APN will assign an ID string the iPhone App which will serve as the identification of the app on the iPhone device.
=>At the next step; this ID will be uploaded to the requisite server applicat6ion by the iOS application
=>The same process is repeated when the User2 replies to message of User1.
=>If the receiver is not available then the message will be queued and will be send next time; when he Logs in.

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