The Toughest Face to Face: Apple iTunes App Store vs. Google Play

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It is undoubtedly true that the first milestone in the field of applications was placed by the Apple with the release of App store in 2008 but Google too followed the pace by launching the Google App store in the same year. If we wrap up the current figures about these application stores than Apple iTunes App store leads the race; the iTunes App store is loaded with more than 500,000 apps as compared to 400,000 + applications of Google play.

Beside with the market and revenue difference; iTune and Google Play are way different in the prospectus of user interface too. Want ot know which is better in interface? Watch the below video to check out the results.

This margin gap of total applications is effectively overlapped by Google with the data figures which stated that the total application in the Google Play is increased by approximately 127 % as compared to 44% growth of the iTune App Store since August 2010.

face to face itune vs play store

If we concentrate about the comparison figures of Paid application and Free application then it is pretty much clear that the Google Play offers around 66% of the applications as freeware whereas only 34 % of the applications are free on Apple iTunes App Store.


Both Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store are the biggest competitors of each other; it is really impossible to choose the best from these two. The best thing to differentiate between these two is to compare them on the basis of various parameters.

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