Top Five Android Apps for the Business Professionals & Power Users

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For a longer period of time, Android operating system kept the users away from the visual flair and used to be complex. It was with the introduction of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a powerful operating system urged Google to provide it a good design. It fits in Google’s clean design concept now and unique features on Android platform have also been added.

Here, we are about to discuss 5 best Android applications for business professionals and power users:

1- AirDroid(paid $20 year or free):


It enables the users to manage their phone and transfer the files in a wireless way. The process can be performed in both ways remotely and through local network. It includes several features such as apps management, locating the lost mobile phone, receiving and sending text via desktop, sharing of the clipboards and calling the contacts.

2- AppDialer (free or paid $3.00):


AppDialer provides a faster way to launch apps with the help of a T9 dialer. It allows the user to launch an app just using four taps and one does not need to spend a lot of time in search for a specific icon among many in the application drawer.

3- Changelog Droid (absolutely free):

Changelog Droid

Android updates the apps automatically when the user is there on the WiFi that is a wonderful feature. But, it keeps the user confused most of the time about the updates, which update has added a particular feature. Here, Changelog Droid keeps track of the updates that have been made.

4- WiFi & Bluetooth Unlocker (free or paid $3.00):

Wifi Bluetooth

It is an application, which is capable of changing the PIN lock or the pattern of your mobile device. This does so with the help of a simple slide lock when it is on the reliable WiFi & Bluetooth Unlocker networks. One just will have to pair the device with a Bluetooth accessory and there is no need of wasting time in unlocking the phone once again.

5- FlashME (absolutely free):

flash me

It is true that most of the Android based mobile devices are integrated with a notification LED on the front side. But, it is not going to offer much support if the device has been placed upside down. flashME alerts the mobile user for text messages and incoming calls by flashing the camera flash. Unlike other such applications, it is blessed with amazing settings that make it work only when the mobile device is encountered with downwards. Thus, you can even avail the flashing alerts whenever you want them.

These were few Android apps that will definitely prove to be useful for users. They can also expect to use more apps as well according to their particular needs.

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