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Barber Finder serves as the best platform for users to help them spot the best barber shop for their multiple needs including hair cutting, shaving, head massage, etc. Users can avail discounts for the services they opt for with defined conditions.
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About Barber Finder App

Barber Finder app helps both barber shops and users in serving their mutual interest - barbers can register themselves to find customers and users, on the other hand, can discover the reputed service provider matching their hair cutting and similar requirements. To gather the service details of a particular barber, users can access the respective URL and can get an option to add to their home screen. Barber can raise requests for payment and customers will be able to get a complete detail of payment, add tip and can pay instantly.

Barber Finder App Features

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Explore List of Barbers

Accessing home screen allows users to explore a complete list of all the listed barbers and choose the best one matching their preferences.

Local Barber Finder App

Avail Discount

User can grab discount offer from service provider on the basis of their number of visit in a specific time period.

Local Barber Finder App

Flexible Payment Mode

With Barber Finder app, users can avail the benefits of paying either in cash or electronically for the services they availed.

Local Barber Finder App

Barber Account

It enables barber to view and edit his personal information, be it Business Name, Contact Number, Country, Logo, Address, City and lots more.

Local Barber Finder App

Transaction History

With the app, barber shop gets a flexibility to access a complete transaction history where users can access the purchased service, time, date, payment method, name of barber, etc.

Local Barber Finder App

Customer Loyalty

Barbers can run a customer loyalty program based on the number of visits that customers make. And offer discounts up to 20% for second visit, 25% for third visit, etc.

Local Barber Finder App

Flexibility to Add Services

With Barber Finder, barber is allowed to add numbers of services with cost to cater users with multiple needs.

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