Best Retail Apps for Shopping Malls

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In this blog post, we have picked the best retail apps for shopping malls and described how they are catering retailers and shoppers.

Shopping should be full of fun and joy, whether you are doing it online or visiting your favorite mall. The majority of people nowadays believe that shopping malls are losing their fame caused by the rapid growth of e-commerce services. However, it is true to some extent, but shopping malls have also adopted some powerful strategies to cope with today’s competitive digital business world.

Today, many retail apps for shopping malls helping shoppers in maximizing their shopping experience. It helps them find their favorite retail stores in the largest shopping center area, discover favorite products to buy, easy purchasing process and lots more. In other words, these apps are serving their main purpose to draw the attention of shoppers and thus provide opportunities to shopping malls and their retail partners to serve more customers. Have a look at some of the top retail apps for shopping malls:

List of Best Apps for Shopping Malls


Fastmall is the most popular shopping mall app in the US. It lets shoppers navigate any nearby malls even without using GPS or WiFi. It includes an interactive map and guides shoppers while finding stores, restrooms, dining and lots more. The app lets shoppers remember the parking place of their vehicles, write feedback about shopping stores, etc. Whether shoppers wish to use a wheelchair or baby stroller inside the mall, Fastmall lets them explore all these without any hustle.

Westfield Shopping US

Westfield Shopping makes shoppers entitled to explore a pleasing shopping experience, whether they are doing it from the comfort of their home or in the shopping center. It guarantees them to get most out of their visit to their favorite malls for shopping. Its interactive map lets you discover the shortest route of any specific store, restaurant, restroom, movie, etc. Shoppers can browse through a wide list of products and save their favorite ones at the same time for future shopping. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.


  • Access complete information of center and store.
  • Find the hottest deals and discounts.
  • Get information about movie time, shop tickets and watch movie trailers.
  • Smart parking solution for shoppers.

Mall of America

Using Mall of America helps shoppers organize their mall visits in a better way, with a to-do list. It is equipped with the map and helps them make their visit and discover a shopping experience like never before. It enables shoppers to find retail stores, restaurants, events, deals at the most popular shopping mall. In the case of getting advice, shoppers can just click on the test with their digital concierge. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.


  • Shoppers can quickly browse through 500+ stores.
  • Discover delicious dining after shopping.
  • Use a map to navigate around the shopping mall.
  • Advanced parking feature helps shoppers remember the parking place.

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It is a must-have mobile app for every shopper. Simon lets shoppers make their shopping experience unforgettable whether at a living place or shopping center. They can find the latest news, entertainment, dining, and many other important options easily. It allows shoppers to get in touch with the shopping center through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.


  • Never miss any deals and events by adding them to the calendar.
  • Browse services and various amenities.
  • Check the balance of gift cards.
  • Shoppers can provide feedback within the app.
  • Discover mail hours, driving route and direction, local weather conditions, mall contact information and lots more.

GGP Mall

The app equally focuses on the needs of both retailers and shoppers and caters to them in the best manner. It helps retailers send promotional messages, lucrative deals, discounts to entice numbers of customers. On the other hand, it helps customers explore the latest offers matching their interests. They can easily locate their parking space through the interactive map and make their shopping experience wonderful. The app can be downloaded from iOS & Android stores.


  • The app covers a wide locations and allows shoppers to find malls near them.
  • It helps retailers discover their potential customers easily.
  • Retailers can directly send promotional messages to shoppers to encourage them for shopping.
  • Retailers can promote their products and services through in-app stores.
  • Shoppers can get updated with the latest happening in the mall and more.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another popular retail app that lets retailers draw the attention of shoppers while visiting the app. Retailers can encourage shoppers to view details of the products through the bar codes. The barcode scanner also simplifies the process of selling products and helps retailers see the progress in their sales figures. They can scan the barcode through the device camera. Besides, it helps retailers check the purchase history of customers and offer the best deals to encourage them for shopping accordingly. Here are the links to the iOS & Android stores.

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